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Vishav Vir S. wrote-

"This is the most heartfelt review that I have ever felt to leave in return for someon's selflessness and professional help. If my review leads you to earn the business of the owner of this company Jack, then my moral obligation will be fruitful. Here's my true experience hours ago from now.

We had been experiencing a loss of hot water since today morning and my wife and I decided to call in a 24 hour Hvac company. I searched for providers on yelp and picked this company after seeing some good reviews. Jack answered the call at 10 pm at night and offered to come down for help. The only thing for us was the cost associated which was about 100 some bucks. I had had a chance to talk to my relatives during the day abt our problem and she mentioned it could be a pilot light problem which is an easy self fix. We were just too scared to do it ourselves. So Jack offered his help and said he can come down in 30 mins. I hesitated a little bit as I was thinking abt the cost and kinda mumbled to him if this could be a self fix. That was it. Jack told me he would help me fix this with instructions on phone. His instructions and patience were so professional we fixed the problem in minutes ourselves. Now I do want to mention that there's no such thing as a free lunch. I offered to pay him whatever he thought was due for his phone help. He didn't charge me anything. He didn't have to do that you know. And here's my way of saying thanks to him - to write him a good yelp review. Please let him earn your business."

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Kaaren Powers wrote-

"I can highly recommend AB/JDD Plumbing. Suddenly at 11:00 PM in the evening, my master bathroom toilet started backing up without stop, flooding the bathroom floor which thankfully was a step down from the master bedroom. Jack came within 15 minutes at 11:30 PM & stayed until almost 2:30 AM. He quickly opened up the sewer line beneath my home, & arranged for a decontamination service to come over at 1:30 am to clean up the mess in the bathroom and under the house. Because he was unable to use the snake fix the problem, he came the next day with the heavy equipment needed, & after filming the reason for the blockage, his crew worked diligently to tear out the tree roots, and put in a new clean-out. He also went under the house to replace the affected ducts.

Jack & his crew were completely professional and more importantly, very quick to solve this disaster. Of even more importance, I did my homework & found out that their charges were lower than that of other plumbers. They were so honest & fair & really knew what they were doing. Without Jack's fast response, I would have had to demolition the entire bathroom, but even the sub-floor did not suffer any damage. I feel very lucky that I contacted him & have his phone number next to the phone just in case."

Steve and Sue Peterson wrote -

“It feels good to have you guys in the neighborhood, because we know that when you call AB/JDD Plumbing, you get quality work at a fair price. Your name and phone number will be up on our refrigerator for anytime we need honest, common sense work, from a local business we can trust.”

Diana J. wrote -

“Professional and fast service. They came to my house and fixed the leaking faucet. My shower faucet broke and water was shooting out of the faucet. They fixed it in no time. I would recommend them highly. They are honest and professional. Did not charge outrages prices like other plumbers might have. Call them first. I am so glad I did.”

Claudia D. wrote -

“Had a clogged/extremely slow draining kitchen sink (but deep in the wall... further than my standard snake could clear, and chemicals couldn't break it away either). Saw some referrals about these folks from my local neighbor online website. 'Gonzo' was the plumber who came out (right on time) and was super friendly. It took a little work to get to my problem spot, but he was fast, efficient and very professional. I would Definitely use these guys again for my plumbing needs.”

Ted B. wrote -

“When I worked as a Building Inspector I looked at this companies work quite frequently.It was clean, code compliant and thorough. This company takes pride in their workmanship and that is why it is consistently exceptional.”

Jae D. wrote -

“Late on an incredibly hot Sunday, my a/c decided to stop working. I called at least half a dozen places that advertise being available seven days a week. Some place never called me back or couldn't come out, one place was just rude, but Jack took the time to advise me on a few easy things I could look for so I could fix it myself. without having to pay him to come out. When I found it was still not working, he came out the next afternoon, squeezing me in between appointments, and happily fixed the problem and showed me what to look for next time. He was pleasant to work with and so was Liz. Thanks for making this painless! I will definitely use you guys going forward.